I am a pilot, and had a frightening experience in my airplane. I just couldn’t seem to get over the apprehension and didn’t fly alone for several years.  Hypnotherapy helped me analyze the experience and work through my fear, and gave me tools to visualize good flying experiences and to decrease my anxiety in stressful situations. I’m back in the air now, confident in my training and ability. THANK YOU for giving me back the sport I love so much.



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Dr. David Byron is accepting hypnosis clients


Sharon is currently completing her Ph.D. at UNLV and is only providing relaxation and self-hypnosis recordings.


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Your therapist, Dr David Byron, was awarded a doctorate in Psychology by the University of London where he also studied for and received the Diploma in Applied Hypnosis. Dr Byron's professional qualifications also include:
MA, MEd., BAHons. and Certificate in Teaching.

Dr Byron has practiced the application of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and EMDR for many years working with both young people and adults in the UK and more recently in the USA.

Dr Byron has researched and disseminated his work in hypnosis to professional audiences at both national and international conferences. Dr Byron has published papers in book and professional journals and is a member of     several well respected societies. Those in the USA include the Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, American Psychological Association, EMDR International Association.

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking, lose weight, relieve insomnia, increase performance and feel amazing naturally!

Welcome to the key you've been looking for.   It was never outside of you to begin with.

  • Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis allow you to easily let go of habits like smoking, overeating and negativity.
  • Hypnosis is proven to improve sports performance, increase focus, confidence and creativity.
  • Hypnotherapy is proven to soothe chronic and acute pain. Pre-surgery hypnosis assists the body to respond well to medical interventions.
  • Self-discovery, healthy self-expression and deep healing are already yours.
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